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Success Skills Workshop - Professional & Personal Development

Imagine arriving at work, walking into a meeting or a social gathering feeling confident, connected and fulfilled. Imagine interviewing for your dream company, being top in your field of work, excelling at that client presentation that will help your start-up business reach the next level.


You can get on the driver's seat of your personal and professional development and start using the skills that can help you achieve those next steps in your life and career. I would be delighted if you joined me for one of my next workshops, here in Perth. Click here to  BOOK  NOW....

Are you ready to start using your Success Skills and combine them with your technical/professional skills to develop your true potential and achieve your goals?.

You can start using your Success Skills today. Join me for one of my next half-day workshops, this is not an introduction. It is the ACTUAL first half-day training of my weekend training. The half-day training is just $52 ($568 Value).

Click here to  BOOK NOW....

The workshop will be lively, practical and full of content. You will leave the workshop feeling amazed at how easy it is to develop and use your success skills in your everyday life, starting straight away. We will cover:  

1: Effective communications

2: Winning negotiations 

3: Authentic connections      

4: Time, energy & habits  


And finally, how to put all of them into action to start achieving your next goals, creating a life you love and delivering the results you have always wanted. 

You will realise that already within you are the skills to give you the confidence to achieve your personal and professional goals while giving yourself every chance to create an exciting new life, career and attract great business opportunities. 

Once we understand that these skills are built within us, but more importantly how to use them every day, our interactions start becoming easy-effective, people perceive as more authentic, and we start succeeding, feeling connected and fulfilled. 

The workshop will be interesting, interactive and you will walk away inspired and with lots of information to implement that same day.  

Click here to BOOK NOW....

The next available dates in Perth are:


Friday, 26 February from 7:00 to 10:00am (Morning) - FULL


Friday, 4 March from 7:00 to 10:00am (Morning)

Tuesday, 8 March from 4:00 to 7:00pm  (Afternoon)

Wednesday, 16 March from 4:00 to 7:00pm  (Afternoon)

Tuesday, 22 March from 4:00 to 7:00pm  (Afternoon)

What people have said about the workshop:

"The workshop had very useful tips, simple and direct. Information easy to apply in everyday work scenarios. I took lots of notes, and the exercises help you think where you are at and what you need to work in the future." Andrew, Oil and Gas Graduate Engineer.

"What I enjoy the most were the pace, and the amount of content, it is a well prepared and clever workshop that I will recommend to my friends and colleagues." Mette, Small business owner.

"It was interesting and engaging. I'm keen to apply the skills I've learnt. I'll recommend it to my friends". Julie, Accountant.

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Fantastic. I am impressed with Abacco’s coaching approach, after attending the workshop, I was able to engage with my clients in a way that took my business to the next level.

Director - Stamina etc


I thoroughly enjoyed the Key Success Skills workshop it was interactive, fun and relaxed. I got lots of practical information that can start using today.
Daniel - Graduate Engineer


(M) +61 43 909 8686
(P) + 61 8 6460 9828